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"When Charli first became my coach, I was absolutely frozen- I saw every possible obstacle as valid reasons why I could not succeed. Not just financially succeed- I could not flourish in my personal life either. Just a few sessions in, and she opened up my eyes to the possibilities! I went from repeating “there is just no way around this obstacle” to “NO WAY am I NOT getting around this obstacle!” I have learned so much, and this morning when I opened my laptop to check on my business and saw that it had actually GROWN while I slept… the tears wouldn’t stop! 

There are so many (seemingly) valid reasons to stay stuck. But Charli’s coaching helped me to actually begin seeing progress every day. She suggested systems that specifically support me and my learning/personality. This is not a cookie cutter program. She uses scientifically proven strategies that are individually focused. Best investment of my adult life!"

Brenda Johnson

Founder Living Hebrew Letters & The Alef Bet Academy