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Hi! I’m Charli


I used to think that God could never use me again with all the things I thought I had messed up but that was so far from the truth. Thank God for Romans 8:28 to remind me that He works it all for not only my good but YOUR good!

Now I use my experiences to help others learn & grow while releasing the fake control they think they have on their and other's lives.

My favorite is sharing workshops with business' on transformational, not controlling, leadership and women's events setting all the control captives free!

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Where can you find Charli?


JoinĀ Charli in person, on her podcast, Facebook group, TikTok or Messianic Lamb Network.

or... for those of you wanting to know the Hebrew perspective of your faith you can grow with her in The Rooted KafeĀ 

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