36. Start Small: Inviting Others to Share a Meal - Miriam Stalsworth



Miriam Stahlsworth shares her journey of finding Yeshua in Torah and the joy she experiences in hosting Shabbat dinners and practicing hospitality. She emphasizes the importance of building relationships and connecting with others around the table. Miriam encourages listeners to start small and invite someone to share a meal, even if it's as simple as buying rolls or a lasagna. She also highlights the significance of the table as an altar and the intimate moments of fellowship that can transform lives. Miriam's passion for hospitality and love for all people shines through as she shares her experiences of sharing challah bread and praying for others.




00:00 Miriam Stahlsworth's Background and Journey

09:10 The Power of Hospitality and Shalom in the Home

13:22 Sharing Challah Bread and Acts of Kindness

22:45 Connecting and Building Community Around the Table

24:41 Prayer and Acts of Kindness: Sharing Love and Making a Difference






4 eggs room temp

1 egg set aside for wash


3 eggs

2 tbs rapid yeast

2 cups very warm water

1/2 stick butter with water


Put water and butter

4-5 tbs honey


1/2 cup oil

Add salt and pepper

Garlic powder, salt

Change to dough hook

Add 7 cups flour little at a time


Parchment paper under on pan

365 degrees 27 min


White mountain flour (fine white)