31. Mess-Antics with Rebecca Smith

In this episode, Charli Brown interviews Rebecca Smith, co-founder of Scholar Ministries, about her work with the Hanukkah Project and her journey to Bible purism. They discuss the impact of the Hanukkah Project on families, the simplicity and power of the project, and the importance of watching for the light of the Messiah. Rebecca shares how she found stability in Torah and the Hebraic calendar, and how her journey to Bible purism has brought her a deeper understanding of scripture. They also talk about their favorite places in Israel, useless memorized information, and the movie they would like to see again for the first time. The conversation ends with a prayer for those struggling with depression and a reminder that they are loved.

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Smith's claim to notoriety lies in her radical commitment to Torah over Tradition and to leading by relationship FIRST.  This usually results in unorthodox methods of involving others in active ministry.  Ms Rebecca's devotion to transparency and inspiration requires open access to worship practices, nerd humor, and brainiac discussions on Darwinism, worm holes, and the multi-dimensionality of the God who loves us. She is currently leading Scholar Ministries' Worship Study involving training in the technical, practical and spiritual aspects of worship to a growing group of students and just to prove she’s smarter than she looks...she has studied leadership and worship principles for over 19 years, followed and trained under incredible leaders for 21 years, began intensive training in worship photography in 2015, holds a five-year degree in Landscape Architecture, is operating a mostly successful design firm birthed in 1990 (Endless Variations Design),  and has been married to a walking, talking encyclopedia of biblical proportions for over 36 very talkative years, RabbiRon Smith.


The Hanukkah Project is a powerful ministry that brings families together and helps children find Jesus as their Messiah.
Reading the Torah portion each week brings stability and a sense of connection with others who are reading the same portion.
Rebecca's journey to Bible purism has deepened her understanding of scripture and brought her a new perspective.
The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit and the study of archaeology can be inspiring and affirming of the truth of God's word.


00:00 Introduction and Meeting Rebecca Smith
01:40 The Hanukkah Project
06:08 The Impact of the Hanukkah Project
08:47 Personal Experience with the Hanukkah Project
09:38 Rebecca's Journey to Bible Purism
13:55 Finding Stability in Torah
19:08 Appreciating the Journey
23:00 Favorite Place in Israel
24:17 Useless Memorized Information
25:26 Movie to See Again for the First Time
27:42 Neurodiversity and Lucy
28:28 Adventurousness
29:28 Changing Minds
30:36 Prayer for Those Struggling with Depression
34:19 Closing Remarks

Where to find Rebecca:

FB... https://www.facebook.com/ScholarMinistries

YouTube... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSa-Hw8hmAK_dqpBZDREAhw

Locals.com... https://www.locals.com then search for @Ms_Rebecca

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