29. Messi-Antics with Stacey Fitzgerald

In this conversation, Charli Brown and Stacey Fitzgerald discuss the journey of discovering the bridge between the Old and New Testament and the importance of Torah in their lives. They emphasize the value of asking questions and seeking understanding rather than trying to convince others. They also highlight the need for humility and continuous learning in one's faith journey. The conversation encourages listeners to embrace the messiness of questioning and to trust in God's timing and guidance.


Embrace the messiness of questioning and seeking understanding in your faith journey. Humility and continuous learning are essential in growing in your relationship with God. Focus on understanding others rather than trying to convince them of your beliefs. Trust in God's timing and guidance as you navigate your faith and seek to hit the mark.


00:00 Introduction of Stacey Fitzgerald

02:22 Discovering the Bridge between the Old and New Testament

06:19 The Messiness of Asking Questions

09:54 Recalibrating to Hit the Mark

13:11 The Purpose and Benefits of Torah

16:55 Questioning Theology and Beliefs

23:23 Understanding vs Convincing

26:26 The Importance of Humility and Continuous Learning

29:10 The Process of Ripe Fruit

32:10 Prayer for Peace and Activation