28. Messi-Antics with Deborah Flanagan

Deborah Flanagan shares her testimony of how the Word of God came alive to her and how she became a whole Bible purist. She talks about the importance of drawing closer to Jesus through the Word and how it has transformed her understanding of God, herself, and the world. Deborah also discusses the struggles and messiness she faced in her journey, including finding balance and honoring her family. She emphasizes the need to avoid judgment and walk in love, and to avoid legalism and embrace grace. The conversation concludes with a prayer for prodigals and finding balance in the walk of faith.


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:23 Deborah's Testimony and Becoming a Whole Bible Purist
06:12 The Word of God Comes Alive
07:20 Drawing Closer to Jesus through the Word
13:37 Struggles and Messiness in the Journey
19:08 Finding Balance and Honoring Family
23:10 Avoiding Judgment and Walking in Love
26:03 Avoiding Legalism and Embracing Grace
27:23 Prayer for Prodigals and Balance