26. Messi-Antics with Min Juanita Weiss

In this podcast, Minister Juanita Weiss shares her journey of finding Yeshua and embracing Messianic Judaism. She discusses the challenges of transitioning and the identity crisis that can arise. Minister Weiss emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with Messiah and not getting lost in the pursuit of knowledge. She encourages listeners to desire a deeper relationship with God and to seek Him with sincerity and genuineness. The conversation concludes with a prayer for a deeper revelation of God's spirit and love. Takeaways Finding Yeshua and embracing Messianic Judaism can be a transformative journey. Transitioning to a new faith can be messy and may involve an identity crisis. It is important to reconnect with Messiah and not get lost in the pursuit of knowledge. Desiring a deeper relationship with God and seeking Him with sincerity and genuineness is essential.

Where to find Min. Juanita:

kingdomimpact.tv/messianic-campus/about www.weissministries.org https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZ05gtsbjN1yqI5Y4z8gg

A Conference teachings with The Rooted Kafe: https://youtu.be/9tWFIupQW1E?si=wL2l-uTfKbeSrd5k


00:00 Introduction and Bio of Minister Juanita Weiss

04:29 Finding Yeshua and Embracing Messianic Judaism

11:41 The Messiness of Transition and Identity Crisis

16:29 The Importance of Reconnecting with Messiah

21:18 The Desire for a Deeper Relationship with God

28:48 Prayer for a Deeper Revelation of God's Spirit and Love

33:05 Closing Remarks and Encouragement