Do you overfunction for everyone's dysfunction?

Sep 12, 2023

Today, I want to dive into a topic that's near and dear to my heart - over-functioning for the dysfunction of our family members. If you've ever found yourself cleaning up someone else's mess, taking on more than your fair share of responsibilities, or trying to fix everything for your loved ones, you're not alone. In fact, I'd bet my perfectly organized sock drawer that many of you can relate.


Let's face it; over-functioning can sometimes be a hilarious endeavor. It's like trying to herd cats while wearing roller skates - entertaining, but ultimately futile. So, let's have a chuckle together as we explore this universal phenomenon with some funny examples.


  1. **The Dinner Disaster** 🍝


Picture this: You're hosting a family dinner, and your dear Aunt Mildred decides to bring her famous spaghetti. But, here's the catch - Aunt Mildred's spaghetti isn't famous for being delicious; it's famous for being a culinary catastrophe. The noodles are overcooked, the sauce is underseasoned, and the meatballs are more like meat rocks.


As an overfunctioner, you can't help yourself. You discreetly sneak into the kitchen, start adding spices, and secretly replace the noodles with perfectly al dente ones. Meanwhile, Aunt Mildred gives you the side-eye, wondering why you're hovering around her masterpiece.


The result? A delicious meal that everyone raves about, but Aunt Mildred remains convinced she's the culinary genius behind it all. You've just orchestrated the perfect spaghetti charade!


  1. **The Family Vacation Vortex** 🏖️


Family vacations can be a minefield for overfunctioners. Your cousin Jenny can't find her sunscreen, your brother Joe is notorious for getting lost, and your mom insists on packing everything but the kitchen sink.


You, on the other hand, have a meticulously organized travel itinerary, complete with backup sunscreen, a GPS tracker for Joe, and a checklist that rivals NASA's pre-launch protocols. You're like a one-woman travel agency.


But, as fate would have it, your preparations backfire. Jenny accidentally mistakes the sunscreen for lotion, Joe's GPS leads him to an alligator farm, and your mom insists on packing a spare microwave (just in case). Your well-intentioned plans become the stuff of vacation legends, with laughter and chaos ensuing at every turn.


  1. **The Birthday Bash Blunder** 🎉


Your sister's birthday is approaching, and she's notorious for forgetting her own special day. As the overfunctioner extraordinaire, you decide to plan a surprise party to end all surprise parties. You gather the family, bake a three-tiered cake, and hire a mariachi band for good measure.


But here's the kicker - your sister has forgotten her birthday yet again and decides to go out with friends that night. When she walks in on the surprise party, she's genuinely shocked, and not in a good way. You're left with a mariachi band serenading an unimpressed guest of honor and enough cake to feed a small army.


In your quest to make her day unforgettable, you've created a birthday blunder that will be remembered for years to come.


In all these scenarios, overfunctioning may seem absurd and comical, but it's essential to recognize that it can also be exhausting and unsustainable. While our intentions are often rooted in love and a desire to help, it's crucial to strike a balance between support and allowing others to take responsibility for their lives.


So, dear women, let's embrace the chaos, laugh at our overfunctioning antics, and remember that sometimes, it's not our weed to pull. While we may not be able to control our family members' dysfunction, we can certainly control our response to it.


And who knows, one day, Aunt Mildred might just surprise us with the perfect spaghetti. Until then, keep those roller skates on standby, and let's revel in the delightful absurdity of overfunctioning in our dysfunctional families.


Yours in laughter and love,


Charli Brown

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