Gotta Control Your Time?

control devotion time management Mar 12, 2023

Just Gotta Control Your Time?


Be Still...


Yesterday, I felt God calling me to just have some Be Still time. I wasn't quite ready for a full 24 hour personal retreat as my new friend Denise Haeffner teaches, but it was a start and it was Hard!!!


No really! I went to my room, and we agreed to not have any noise pollution in the house. Randy went to his office and read/slept. I had my journal and Bible. After an hour I had to turn soaking music on low to help me focus because my brain was in full adhd mode.  But I sat...
I read, I wrote... I dumped my brain... I pressed in to get close to The Creator.
It took Hours for me to get to Still and that didn't look like what I thought it would. It didn't mean I was in a super "zen" state but that I was able to listen. I wasn't all over the place. When I say hours... I mean Hours.. Like 5. I watched birds most of the day and the trees. So much to learn just from that.
Do you take time out to Be Still? Shabbat was a great day to do it, but I want to plan this more often. It is a Leadership Must! I can't say I had some major revelation but I do feel refreshed today. I feel clarity and want to be close to Him and know what He wants for me today and tomorrow and this week. I feel full so that I can give to my team better this week and my family.

Praying your week is full of His presence and that you are encouraged to get close to Him and let go of that control of your time.

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